woensdag 11 december 2013

Winter vegetables green Thai curry part 2

Green curry paste. Since this summer in Thailand I always have a pot in my fridge.

Whipping up a curry is quick and easy, when you have the curry paste ready. You only need coconut milk and the basic Thai ingredients kaffir lime leaf (I buy them frozen in a Chinese supermarket), fresh galangal and lemon grass. You can leave them out and use only your paste; the curry will be nice too, but  the adding of the crushed fresh herbs enhance the flavor to the authentic taste!!

Next time I visit Thailand I hope to get more experienced and learn from the mother of my friend Chumpol, who also happens to know a Thai chef publishing a book right now!! I am waiting for the book to arrive.

The recipe comes from Mai Kaidee’s cooking school and gives the amounts for 1 person. Here you can see one of the very enthusiast cooks at Mai Kaidee’s preparing a green curry.

Because a curry is ready in a sec, after prepping vegetables and cutting herbs, you make the curry per person. The vegetables cook better then and stay crispy.

When you read the recipe you’ll see that there is only 1 handful of vegetables, I use about 250 g because I love my veggies!! You just add a little more coconut milk.

1. use the big Thai/Chinese/ spoonful(see my last post).
2. according to the season you can change the vegetables and always have a different kind of curry; for my winter vegetable green Thai curry I used Brussels sprouts, carrot and celery root and sprinkled it with coriander leaves
3. taste, taste, taste and add more flavor to your own liking.
4. when you cannot find Thai basil, just leave it out.
5. I use Aroy-D coconut milk in a 1 liter package, no additives. Because this is a rather thick coconut milk you need some more water; let’s say 3 tablespoons coconut milk need 1 extra tablespoon of water. At Mai Kaidee they prefer Chaokoh coconut milk, but I cannot buy this brand here.

6. prepare everything and set ready in small bowls before you start wokking!
7. I use gluten free tamari instead of the 2 soy sauces.
8. in the end at step 3 you can add pieces of pre baked tofu, or shrimps or fish.
9. eat with a bowl a brown rice or rice noodles.
10. please ask me if you have any questions or suggestions!!

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