donderdag 7 april 2011

Madame Jeanette sambal (GF-DF-SF)

Yesterday I was pretty busy. (today I'm too busy)
After my morning yoga and breakfast I had to do something about my blog because previously I made some random, I thought to experiment a little, changes, but forgot how to reset everything!
It’s not yet quite the way I want it to be, but I wanted to bake something too. Coming time I really have to do some updating; I’m not so keen doing it, spending so much time behind my computer. I’d rather be in the kitchen. So I went baking instead of blogging; I made these wonderful muffins and a sunflower seed bread.

For the muffins I link you to Karina’s Kitchen, read her story and recognize or sympathize!
Yes, it’s a long time ago that I felt the same, but still it happens once in a while and sometimes you just boil over from all this stupidity. By the way, I love her way of writing and her blog too (as you already knew, I think). I made some changes to the ingredients, because I didn’t have everything by hand. Thank you, Karina!!

The bread I made comes from this book and I give you her homepage too. It is quite delicious; I put in much more sunflower seeds (100g) and instead of sugar I used a tablespoon of honey

Today I made sambar powder, sambar, coconut chutney and tonight I’m gonna eat these with some idlis. I’m ready to inaugurate my personalized, yes you read it well!!, idli steamer.

I’ll show you the pictures later, and the recipes of course.

There is a Surinam – Hindustan supermarket in my neighborhood and they sell amazing products from around the globe, there I always find some nice and fresh ingredients for my Indian cooking; today I found freshly grated coconut from Cochin (frozen). And it’s so nice chatting to the wife of the owner about food (of course) and cooking.

Talking about Surinam food: tomorrow I’m eating at my friend M; she’ll be making bakkeljauw, salted dry fish, the Surinam way, with boiled sweet potato and tayer leaves.
For her I made this very simple chili paste or sambal from Madame Jeanette peppers, very hot, but with a very delicate taste.

Chop 4 Madame Jeanettes coarsely (be careful or use gloves) and put them in a food processor, together with half a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of tamarind paste.

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