maandag 7 november 2011

speculaas kruiden - peperkoekkruiden - pumpkin spices (GF-DF-SF)

In the muffins of thursday I used cinnamon, but you can also use this very nice mix of spices.
In Holland we eat a lot of speculaas (gingersnaps) in wintertime, it is the smell of autumn-winter with earthy, warm, glowing tones.
The different spices have different nutritional qualities. These warming spice blends are good for digestion, especially in colder times when we eat heavier foods.

Making your own spice mix gives you the opportunity to adapt the spices to your own taste. When you want it more peppery just add more pepper, it is as simple as that.

In Holland there is a kind of cake or bread we call ontbijtkoek (litt. breakfast cake) peperkoek or in English gingerbread. It has a very ancient history: already in the time of the faraos there existed a kind of peperkoek made with honey, flour and spices.
In Holland it became a serious recipe in the time of the spice trades of the VOC in the 17th century. Pepper was a very expensive spice then, also referred to as “black gold” and a gift of peppercake-peperkoek to high visitors was a very exquisite present. The Dutch went to Kerala, on the Malabar coast of India especially to collect the native peppercorns.

We still have this saying that something is peperduur for something that is very expensive.                                   
So when you want to impress your guests, make your own spice blend, and tell them about your choice of spices.

this is a favourite of mine:

30g cinnamon
10 g clove powder
10g nutmeg powder
5 g white pepper
5 g star anise powder
4 g ginger powder
2 g cardamom

                                           Kerala 2011, Allepey
dit is mijn favoriet:

30 g kaneel
10 g gemalen kruidnagel
10 g gemalen nootmuskaat
5 g witte peper
5 g gemalen steranijs
4 g gemberpoeder
2 g kardemom poeder

You can very well use this spice mix as a pumpkin pie spice
Or in this stuffed speculaas recipe - gevulde speculaas
of deze kruidnotenpeperkoek-gingerbread, apple muffins.

or just check this gorgeous muffin recipe from my friend Sophie.

When anyone of my english readers want a translation, just let me know.
I started blogging in 2007 in Dutch and switched to English later on, so when you see anything interesting on my blog or have any questions and you don't read Dutch, let me know.

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Anoniem zei

Thanks for including my post, dear Linda! ;)

Your own home made mix looks great & I am so going to make your version! Yum!

boeddhamum zei

Thank you Sophie, it's good to have a big pot full, I use it for a lot of recipes that ask for cinnamon only!

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