maandag 15 juli 2013

Cucumber lassi – komkommer lassi (GF-SF)

At last we have some great days with enough sunshine to make cold drinks.
I am not a cold drink lover, I stick with tea most of the time, it’s rather cooling, a hot drink in warm weather. Your body is going in cooling mode when drinking hot tea.

This weekend I made this really refreshing and healthy cucumber lassi.
I don’t know if it exists in India, lassi made with cucumber, but anyway it’s the same principle: ice cold yoghurt with water and flavoring, sweet or savory, but always yummy.
It’s food and drink combined. And easy to make.

Cucumber lassi
2 cucumbers, peeled, in big chunks
1-2 cloves of garlic, diced roughly
15 fresh mint leaves
2 tbsp chopped fresh dill
350 ml organic full fat yoghurt
10 white (skinless) almonds
Salt and pepper, to taste
350 ml or more ice cold water

Everything in the blender, taste, adapt and drink!! Enjoy!!

Komkommer lassi
2 komkommers, geschild, in grote stukken
1-2 tenen knoflook, grofgehakt
15 verse munt blaadjes
2 el verse dille, gehakt
350 ml biologische volle yoghurt
10 witte amandelen
Zout en peper
350 ml ijskoud water

Alles in de blender, proef, pas eventueel de smaak aan en drink!! Geniet!!

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