vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Almost green gazpacho – bijna groene gazpacho (GF-SF)

In the line of easy, fast, green and versatile recipes I made this beautiful gazpacho this weekend.
The sun was out for a change, and on my tiny balcony on the south side the wind had no influence so I came to the idea of a cold soup.

With all there was in my fridge and the herbs and very ripe avocado that I was forgotten, I made this  gazpacho or cold soup or maybe you could call it even a veggie smoothie. Anyway you name it, it’s delicious, lusciously smooth because of the almonds  and all the raw goodness of all these veggies and herbs! it's easy to make vegan, just leave out the yoghurt!

It’s a long list of ingredients, but all you have to do is wash the veggies and chop them roughly and throw them in a blender. Add anything you like more or less to your own tastes. This soup is all about tasting. You don’t have a green bell pepper, just use a red or yellow one, like I did. You don’t have a cucumber, maybe you have a zucchini. The same with the herbs, use what you have, sniff and taste and make your own heavenly blend.

Depending on the thickness, the amounts of liquids, this recipe makes about 1 liter of soup.

Almost green gazpacho

1 big celery stick
½ cucumber
2 handfuls of turnip tops (you could use spinach )
1 red bell pepper
1 avocado (or when not in the house just leave it out)
2 spring onions
1 clove of garlic
1 big handful of basil
1 big handful of parsley
1 big handful of coriander/cilantro
A few leaves of mint
75 g almond meal or ground whole brown almonds
2 tbsp fragrant vinegar like dandelion or cider
60 ml good olive oil
125 ml of full fat organic yoghurt (vegans can leave it out)
250 ml or a little more cold water
1 tsp sea salt
Ground pepper
Lemon juice to your taste

Clean and chop the veggies and fresh herbs roughly.
Add everything to a powerful blender and blend into a smooth soup.
Taste and add seasoning to your liking.
Eat it directly or cool the soup for several hours in the fridge.

                                           not very appealing as a picture, but very delicious

Bijna groene gazpacho

1 flinke bleekselderijstengel
½ komkommer
2 handenvol raapstelen (of jonge spinazie)
1 rode paprika (of groen of geel)
1 avocado (als je die hebt, anders niet)
2 lente uitjes
1 teen knoflook
1 grote handvol basilicum
1 grote handvol peterselie
1 grote handvol koriander
Paar blaadjes munt
75 g amandelmeel, of  gemalen niet-geblancheerde amandelen
2 el geurige azijn, zoals paardenbloem of cider
60 ml lekkere olijfolie
125 ml volle biologische yoghurt (of laat weg als je vegan bent)
250 ml of iets meer water
1 tl zout
Gemalen zwarte peper
Citroensap naar smaak

Maak de groentes schoon en hak ze grof, zo ook de kruiden.
Doe alles in een grote blender en mix tot een mooie romige soep.
Proef en voeg naar smaak toe wat de soep nog nodig heeft.
Eet direct of laat een aantal uren in de koelkast koelen.

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very good article... I feel hungry right now :)

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