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Tofu telor - tahoe telor (GF-DF-SF)

Tahoe, tofu or bean curd, this soybean product comes in many varieties.
Lots of vegetarians eat it often. Including myself. I like it, it’s very versatile, you can add any flavor you want to it.

Being in menopause I came to read some articles and new insights about the health benefits of soy products. Like all beans soy contain generous amounts of phytoestrogens, very good and helpful for menopausal women. But eating and drinking a lot of soy products is not as healthy as I thought. At last it depends of the way you (tr)eat it. Just plain it contains anti-nutritional factors.

Fermentation destroys these anti-nutritional factors and increases its mineral availability.
Miso, tamari and tempeh are fermented soy products. Tofu, soy drinks and soy burgers etc. not!

So when you safely want to eat tofu you have to add for example tamari or miso.
Traditionally tofu is eaten with seaweed and miso and when possible fish or meat.
The anti-nutritional factors of unfermented soy can create big problems like brittle bones, thyroid problems, memory loss, depression, higher breast cancer risk, interference with the absorption of B12, etc. When you want to read more about this click here.
or you can read what Susun S. Weed has to tell about it in her book: The New Menopausal Years.

This recipe is a safe one which uses soy in combination with tamari. Buy a gluten free one (that’s the real, traditional stuff without wheat!)
It’s a traditional recipe from Indonesia. I ate it with black sticky rice, stir-fried chard and a peanut sauce.

Tahoe telor (tahoe omelet)(2 pers)

250 g organic tofu
2 tbsp vegetable oil
4 organic eggs
3 tbsp gluten free tamari
Pepper and salt

Wrap the tofu block in a clean cloth and put a weight on it for about half an hour.

Then cut the block in cubes and marinate them in the tamari for another half hour. Stir occasionally.
In the meantime you can cook your rice, prepare your veggies and make the peanut sauce (recipe will follow this week).

After marinating you bake the tofu cubes in some oil golden brown.
Mix the eggs with some salt and pepper and pour in with the tofu. Bake the omelet slowly, some minutes. And ready!

Tahoe telor (omelet met tahoe, 2 pers)

250 g biologische tahoe
2 el zonnebloemolie
4 biologische eieren
3 el glutenvrije tamari
Peper en zout

Vouw het tofoeblok in een schone theedoek en zet er een half uur een gewicht op.
Snijd dan in blokjes en marineer ze nog een half uur in de tamari. Roer af en toe om.

Ondertussen kun je de rijst koken, je snijbiet klaarmaken en een pindasaus maken (recept volgt deze week).

Na het marineren bak je de tofublokjes in wat olie tot ze goudbruin zijn.
Klop de eieren met wat zout en peper en voeg ze aan de tofu toe. Bak de omelet zachtjes gaar.
En klaar!

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Anoniem zei

Yum, what a tasty & alternative dish for me!

I didn't know so much about this! thanks for the needed info! I learned a lot!

Lovely pics too, dear Linda!!

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