dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Oatmeal for breakfast – havermout voor ontbijt (GF – DF – SF)

It’s raining cats and dogs this morning. The sky is grey and gloomy. The temperature dropped from 25 to 12 degrees Celsius. Time for a healthy and warming breakfast: oatmeal porridge.
I use the gluten free pure oatmeal from Provena, the only brand in Holland with certified gluten free oats, from Finland. It’s called Kaurahiutale there ;)

Oatmeal has great nutritional value; it’s a good source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and Vitamin B1.

I made a very basic porridge, only oats, apricots, water and almonds.
Sometimes, especially after baking (and eating) a lot of strawberry tartlets this weekend, I need simple, plain food. My body needs it, asks for it. It has no big, deep taste and that’s fine. I like cooking with big flavors and a little this and that with my food, a nice sauce or side dish to complete the meal. But I also like basic.

Like today. To be honest, it had a reason too: there was nothing else, no bread, no crackers, no banana, no yoghurt, no quinoa. Because of the beautiful weather we had past weeks, I was not in the mood for shopping, I was in the garden most of the time. As some of you know, I don’t have a garden of my own, but at this moment I have 2 gardens to look after, from friends who are on holiday.

And in my neighborhood there is a group of people, organized in Pro Groen (Pro Green that is) who initiated a picking garden for and by this neighborhood: de Pluktuin. I’m very enthusiast and every day I’m dropping by to do something: sowing flowers and herbs, planting trees and berries, yesterday I planted two kabocha pumkins, two round courgettes and two patissons.
I love gardening!


Back to basic: the recipe

Oatmealporridge with apricots (for 1)

30 g gluten free oatmeal
160 ml water
3 dried non sulphured apricots, chopped in small pieces
1 tbsp almonds, chopped roughly

Cook the oatmeal with the water and apricot pieces about 8 minutes on a low heat. Then put the heat off and a lid on and let it weld for 5 more minutes. Serve in a nice bowl and top with the almonds.
(and if you really want, you can add some palm sugar or another sweetener)

Havermout met abrikozen (voor 1)

30 g glutenvrij havermout
160 ml water
3 gedroogde ongezwavelde abrikozen, in stukjes gesneden
1 el amandelen, grof gehakt

Kook de havermout met het water en de stukjes abrikoos ongeveer 8 minuten op een laag vuur. Doe het vuur uit en een deksel op de pan en laat nog 5 minuten wellen.
Serveer in een mooie kom en bestrooi met de gehakte amandelen.
(als je wilt kun je wat palmsuiker of een andere zoetmaker erover strooien)

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Tine zei

Hier bijna elke ochtend havermout als ontbijt!
Ik vind het gewoon het best vullende, gezonde ontbijtje dat er bestaat. Heerlijk smullen en lekker warm...
Leuk, die afwerking met amandelen en abrikozen! Mmm...

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