dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Papaya for breakfast (GF-DF-SF-V)

This is the most easy recipe I have ever posted, I think.
Papaya under a very hot grill, 5-8 minutes, sprinkled with some lime juice, delicious!
The great thing about papaya is the health benefits for the intestines.
We as celiacs can use that from time to time, as I do at this moment.
The papaya is a rich source of Vitamins C, A and E , 3 very powerful antioxidants, which support our immune system. Eating half a papaya a day is a natural detox, soothing and tasty. 
The recipe is from the Delicious Miss Dahl.

Just eat it, scoop the flesh with a spoon, great taste!
Before I could take a picture, it was gone.

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Anoniem zei

I love a good & ripe papaya but love it the most in a breakfast smoothy! :) Yum! But it is a bit fiddicult to find!

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