maandag 3 september 2012

Almond-apricot tart – amandel-abrikozen taart (GF)

It is always the same, when I am back from a holiday.
I don’t miss the computer, or the news and newspapers.
Getting back into blogging cost me some time. I hope you will apologize me.

I did have a really great time in the Drôme-Provence with my big love.
We camped at a very quiet Aire Naturelle, from Monsieur Bernard at the small hameau la Bernarde. Monsieur Bernard is in his eighties and does everything by himself, the sanitary block, the waste bins, the administration etc. Every afternoon he sits under a tree with some companions and there is always time for a little talk.

That is the best thing on a holiday for me: slowing down, talking to everybody, taking the time for everything. We enjoyed every minute, even when the temperature went over 40 degrees Celsius. We had a wonderful time with our friends Jean and Chantal, especially sitting on their terrace, enjoying another delicious meal cooked by Chantal. She is a great cook and what’s so special is that she is always very concerned about me and the gluten that I never have to worry about being glutinized, I even get  special treats! The cooking is so flavorsome because of the good sun-ripened ingredients and the pure treatment of them and of course the love she puts in. I adore French cooking.

I took some apricots back with me, along with some other stuff as garlic, olives from Nyons, olive oil from Sahune, honey and of course some wines! I have some bottled summer now for the winter to come!

I had to be back in the cooking business right away because the apricots were so fresh and ripe. I made jam and marmalade, gave away to friends and neighbors and ate the rest.
Oh, and I made this lovely apricot tart.

Almond-apricot tart (6-8 pers)

8 fresh apricots
125 g white almonds
75 g raw cane sugar
3 egg whites
10 g corn or potato starch
75 g butter, melted
1-2 tbsp almond slivers

Butter a tart mold of 20cmØ. Set aside
Pre heat the oven on 180 ˚C

Grind the almonds together with the sugar in a food processor. Put the mixture in a bowl. With a handmixer mix the egg whites one by one in the sugar-almond mixture.
Stir in the starch. And then pour in the melted butter while you mix softly, mix it all good and pour the batter into the mold.
Slice the apricots in 6 and divide over the batter.
Sprinkle with almond slivers and put the tart in the middle of the oven and bake it 25-30 minutes till golden brown and when a needle stuck in comes out clean.
Let the tart cool in the mold and serve as quick as you can, it’s delicious!

You can use another type of fruit in this tart, like banana, apple, prunes, peaches, blackberries. Just try it out!

The 3 egg yolks you can freeze and use at another time or you can make a crème anglaise or custard.

Amandel-abrikozentaart (6-8 pers)

8 verse abrikozen
125 g witte amandelen
75 g rauwe rietsuiker
3 eiwitten
10 g maïzena
75 g gesmolten boter
1 el amandelschaafsel

Beboter een taartvorm van 20 cm Ø en zet apart.
Verwarm de oven voor op 180 ˚C

Maal de amandelen samen met de suiker in een keukenmachine heel fijn. Doe het mengsel in een kom. Klop met een handmixer 1 voor 1 de eiwitten door dit mengsel.
Schep dan de maizena erdoor en giet al zachtjes mixend de boter door het mengsel. Klop nog even goed door en giet het beslag in de vorm.

Snijd elke abrikoos in 6 en verdeel de partjes over het beslag.
Bestrooi met het amandelschaafsel en zet de vorm in het midden van de oven.
Bak de taart in 25-30 minuten goudbruin en gaar. Als je er een breinaald insteekt moet deze er schoon uitkomen.
Laat de taart afkoelen in de vorm en serveer hem dan meteen, zo lekker!

Je kunt ook banaan, of bramen of perzik of pruim of appel in deze taart doen, probeer het gewoon eens uit!

De 3 eidooiers kun je invriezen tot later gebruik of je maakt een custard of crème anglaise, voor bij de taart?!

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Mirna Photography zei

Wat leuk dat je terug bent! Ik nam ook wat abrikozen uit de Provence mee en maakte ook een glutenvrije taart met amandelpoeder en volkoren rijstbloem en kokosbloesemsuiker en kokosolie, heerlijk! Als ik jouw blogstukje lees krijg ik zo meteen weer zin om terug te vertrekken! Ik vergeet dan ook even alles, even weg van de wereld in een Franse droom zonder krant, TV en gsm en computer...konden we dit maar meer doen!

Anoniem zei

It is great to have you back! I missed your blog friendship & your tasty recipes too! :)

This creation looks mouthwatering! It is good that you had much fun on your Holiday! :) Yeah! :)

MMMMMM! I am so going to make this stunning creation!!!

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