carrot oatmeal breakfast bowl
sugar free baked oatmeal
oatmeal for breakfast
bananabread with dates (GF)
papaya for breakfast
oeufs en cocottes
egg curry with idiappam
my basic glutenfree cruesli
cinnamon flavored crunchy oats muesli (GF-DF-SF-V)
baked oatmeal (GF-SF)
oat crumpets (GF)
chocolate granola (GF-DF)

besan ka cheela - coriander chickpea flat bread
focaccia with black olives, rosemary and garlic
my daily bread
buckwheat knackebrot
quick breakfast flat breads (GF)
almond cinnamon buns (GF)
spicy carrot bread (GF-DF-SF)
Christmas Stollen (GF-SF-DF)
black olive fougasse (GF-DF-SF)
vadapa (GF-DF-SF)
quick rustic flat bread (GF-DF)

winter smoothie
golden tea
rhubarb raspberry syrup
ginger-lemon tea
ginger lemongrass tisane
elderblossom lemonade
limoncello and lemon syrup
bay leaf liqueur

dips and spreads
beetroot spread

sauces and condiments
raw carrot dressing
salsa verde
cucumber and celery relish
sorrel sauce
yoghurt calendula dressing
pear chutney with walnut

chickpeas with chard
easy pumpkin curry
sauerkraut with apple and smoked tofu
autumn bowl with spaghetti bowl and easy romesco
summer bowl with roasted carrots and carrot-ginger sauce
penne with roasted eggplant and chickpeas
French carrot bake in cabbage leaves
summer vegetable tian
adzuki bean chili with basmati rice
hazelnut polenta with roasted pumpkin
Thai green curry with winter vegetables
green rice
tagine with olive-almond "meatballs"
carrot-zucchini tart (GF-SF)
pumpkin chickpea curry (GF-DF-SF-V)
salmon in sorrel sauce
fish stew with aioli
gratin dauphinois
endive hotchpotch with baked cherry tomatoes
tofu telor

side dish and lunch
Le Puy lentils
quinoa salad with roasted carrots and yoghurt tahin dressing
stewed potatoes with green peppers
roasted cauliflower tabbouleh
roasted caulifower salad with warm lentils and harissa dressing
garden lettuce with raw carrot dressing
roasted cauliflower salad with millet and spring flowers
beetroot blood orange salad
Freanch beans, potato and cucumber salad
spring salads
roasted pumpkin slices
carrot thyme risotto
french beans with tomato
carrot salsa
roasted Brussels sprouts and fennel salad
raw beetroot salad
cucumber banana raita

polenta madeleines met prei en kaas
agrodolce di peperoni
chili-hazelnut crackers
sesame -oregano crackers
sesame-nori crackers

healing soup
super easy courgette-leek soup
aubergine lentil coconut soup
the best basic tomato soup
cannelini summer soup with chard
spring carrots soup
spring greens soup
beetroot soup
fennel carrot lentil soup with a touch of blood orange
roasted sunchokes and celeriac soup with kale and ginger
thai-flavoured lentil pumpkin soup
flespompoensoep met appels
healing carrot soup
celeriac-winter purslane soup
dark and rich vegetable broth
zucchini sweet potato soup with a rucola pesto
sweet potato paprika courgette soup
celeriac soup with a hazelnut picada
chickpea watercress soup
spicy pumpkin-carrot soup with parsey dressing
ginger rasam
warming winter soup
tomato zucchini soup
beetroot soup
green velvet courgette soup
courgette sweet potato soup
nettle and wild garlic soup

cookies and sweets
toasted amaranth nut chocolate bar
chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
pumpkin pie
decadent pumpkin and date truffles
pumpkin muffins
gluten-free Dutch apple pie
summer fruit tart
buckwheat sablés with mascarpone yoghurt cream and strawberries
vanilla bean coconut macaroons (GF-DF)
buckwheat apple muffins (GF-DF-SF-V)
bananabread with dates (GF)
sugarfree oats and pecan cookies(SF)
sugar free date-walnut slices
sablés Bretons (GF)
almond-apricot tart (GF)
sablés fourrés (GF)
jam cookies (GF-DF-SF-V)
chocolate pecan brownie (GF)
almond-cranberrie cookie(GF-DF-SF-V)
apple cake
casse-dents or croquants aux amandes
walnut cake - gâteau de noix
sugar-free oat cookies (GF-SF-DF-V)
orange scented amaretti
buckwheat hazelnut muffins with apple and cinnamon

golden baked reinettes
yoghurt mousse with strawberrie coulis
lemon ricotta mousse
crispy apple crumble

spice mixes
pumpkin pie mix

home made
basil oil
Provencal apricot confiture
apricot-tomato chutney
romesco sauce
raw carrot dressing
Thai green curry paste
cucumber and celery relish
my basic gluten-free cruesli
miso spice paste/bumbu
pumpkin pickles
acar ketimun/ cucumber pickle
rucola pesto
dark and rich vegetable broth
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